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Why African schools should adopt Scratch programming

Scratch has become a popular way to introduce coding to young people around the world.

Scratch programming in Africa will help to improve the creativity of pupils and prepare them for this new technology-driven era. Its importance can’t be over emphasized. However, the majority of kids, parents, and schools teacher in Africa don’t know about this programming language.Scratch programming in Africa will open up the opportunity for pupils to become creative communicators, computational thinkers, and empowered learners.Scratch - a block-based (drag and drop) programming language developed by the MIT Lab. Kids beween the ages of 6 to 15 can support project-based learning across subject areas from primary school to junior secondary school.Students will develop new perspectives about themselves like building confidence in their ability to be makers. And not just consumers of technology. If spend sufficient time exploring and creating with Scratch.Integrating Scratch into the school curriculum will help students learn to think creatively and work collaboratively