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KidsTech Africa 3.0 (Kwara Edition) continued to week 2.

Python variables, numeric data type and more was treated...

The Python class revised what was taught in the last class which is an overview of computer programing, programing languages and introduction to Python Programming.Thereafter, the kids were introduced to Python Variables, rules of naming variables. Then kids were introduced to Python Data Types and discussed extensively on the Numeric data types, with focus on int (integers) and float (decimals). The class also covered type conversion (converting from one data type to another. On the other hand, the Scratch Programming class started with a revision of what was taught in the last class and thereafter proceeded to extensive explanation of Scratch Elements and other necessary terminologies of Scratch Programming.The KidsTech Africa program is bringing young african kids into technology. These kids will go on to use their tech skills to solve problems creatively and develop their communities and the continent by extension.