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KidsTech is a hands-on coding programme that teaches kids within the age of 6 and 15 to solve problems innovatively through computer programming and technology. We are preparing African kids for the future of technology where they solve the continent's peculiar problems using tech skills.

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KidsTech Packages

You can choose any of these packages that suit your needs.

KidsTech for Individuals

For individuals (Parents, Guardians) who want to expose their kids (wards) into practical coding and technology, Kids will choose from our training centres close to their home where they get to learn, from our expert, interact with other kids and develop projects.
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KidsTech for Schools

For Schools (Basic & high) that want to expose their pupils/students into the world of practical coding and technology. School MUST meet the basic requirements and can introduce/suggest flexible schedules that fits.
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KidsTech for Communities

For communities, non-profits & other organisations who want to introduce young into coding, tech and problem solving using technology. This plan also target kids in underserved areas & communities.
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KidsTech Africa Overview

Step 1. Registration

Kids get to register and choose a package that suits their plans and schedules

Step 2. Training

The hands-on training with a cummulative duration of 50 hours. Kids can choose between 2 programming languages (Python & Scratch)

Step 3. Project

Each of the participants MUST work on a project of their interest. Our instructors will guide the kids in choosing projects that are sustainable and scalable

Step 4. Exhibition & Certification

Kids that participated in the training will get their projects showcased to the whole world. Kids get to display their projects to our partners,supporting organizations who can choose to sponsor or accelerate the project depending on its viability. Certificates will also be awarded to the kids.

Step 5. KidsTech Club

Kids that complete the training and exhibition will be inducted into the KidsTech Club. This is an exclusive club where young innovators get to acquire advanced tech skills, and work on more scalable projects. They will get mentorship and access to support in their jorney to become successful tech driven enterprenuers.

Step 6. KidsTech Innovation Hub

Members of the KidsTech club with specific area(s) of interest will be assigned to groups where they get to togethers as Start-up(s) to solve problems peculiar to their communities, country and the continent at large through innovative technologies. The niches of interest include; Health, Education, Communication, Agriculture, Minning, Energy and more.

About KidsTech Africa

Who We Are

Welcome to KidsTech Africa

KidsTech Africa is a hands-on coding programme that teaches kids to solve problems innovatively through computer programming. We are now in the tech-driven era, with our daily activities revolving around technology. However, Africa has always been lagging behind in technological advancement. The continent depends significantly on advanced nations for the technologies it consumes. There is now more than ever the need for Africa to start developing technologies and catch up with advanced countries. One way to do this is to prepare and nurture African kids to become inventors and technology creators in tech-driven world. This informed the decision of designing and implementing the KidsTech program.

KidsTech Africa aligns with the Goals 4, 5, 8 and 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 Agenda, which seeks quality education, gender equality, economic growth, Infrastructure and more for developing countries.

What you get

What we give
Experienced Instructors

Instructors provide the teaching presence to create and design significant learning experiences for the kids. To make sure this goal is achieved and the kids can reach their maximum potentials in programming; there's need for qualified instructors.

Learning environment

Conducive learning environment is the one devoid of emotional frustration or physical intimidation, and allows free exchange of ideas. At KidTech; we believe a conducive learning environment is as important as having the best instructors.


We provided all the needed infrastructure in actual programming environment necessary for smooth learning experience. These infrastructure are:
Fast and Reliable Internet Connection Uninterrupted Power Supply

Support Services

We provide support for kids.

Kids Trained
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KidsTech Africa Participant Video

Its only take 5:30 min

Some of our Company faq

01 How do i enroll a kid?

To enroll a kid, he/she must have satisfied the age specification (6 - 15 years old). There after, you can proceed to our packages page to chose a package that suits your interest.

02What is the cost of the training?

The training comes in different packages, with differing cost of training. To know the cost of a package, kindly check through the packages page

03What is the duration of the training?

The training is structured to be a 50 hours cummulative hands-on session which comprises of the training, assessments & projects. The training comes with a flexible plan which allows for either weekend training or week day training with a maximum time frame of 12 weeks.

04What happens after the training?

Kids with outstanding performance in the training will be inducted into the KidsTech club, where they get access to our full libraries of resources, support & mentorship from our team and partners.

Meet our Team

Team Members


YUSUF Misturah


OYEWALE Abdulganiyu Olawale

Lead Developer

SULAIMAN Muhammad Abiodun

Lead Data Scientist

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