KidsTech Packages

You can choose any of these packages that suit your needs.

KidsTech for Individuals

For individuals (Parents, Guardians) who want to expose their kids (wards) into practical coding and technology. Kids will choose from our training centres close to their home where they get to learn, from our expert trainers, interact with other kids and develop projects.
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KidsTech for Schools

For Schools (Basic & high) that want to expose their pupils/students into the world of practical coding and technology school must meet the basic requirements and can introduce/suggest flexible schedules that fits.
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KidsTech for Communities

For communities, non-profits and similar organisations who want to introduce young into coding, tech and problem solving using technology. This plan also target kids in underserved areas & communities.
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Some of our Company faq

01 How do i enroll a kid?

To enroll a kid, he/she must have satisfied the age specification (6 - 15 years old). There after, you can proceed to our packages page to chose a package that suits your interest.

02What is the cost of the training?

The training comes in different packages, with differing cost of training. To know the cost of a package, kindly check through the packages page

03What is the duration of the training?

The training is structured to be a 50 hours cummulative hands-on session which comprises of the training, assessments & projects. The training comes with a flexible plan which allows for either weekend training or week day training with a maximum time frame of 12 weeks.

04What happens after the training?

Kids with outstanding performance in the training will be inducted into the KidsTech club, where they get access to our full libraries of resources, support & mentorship from our team and partners.


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